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How many volts is the of a car battery voltage normal-Normal car battery voltage

Mar. 30, 2023

How many volts is the of a car battery voltage normal-Normal car battery voltage

What is the normal voltage of a car battery?

First of all, the circuit in the car is composed of car generator - battery - all kinds of electrical equipment, when the engine is off at rest, only the battery to provide electricity to the car, and the battery voltage will also increase with the car in the power (listening to songs, charging cell phones, etc.), the voltage will slowly become lower, when the engine ignition, it will begin to generate electricity at the same time to charge the battery battery. The voltage of the car's power generation will generally be higher than the battery, there is another situation is that the generator and the car's speed also has a certain adverse effect, the higher the speed the higher the voltage, so the battery voltage is not constant.

12V car system, the battery voltage should be no-load voltage is about 13 volts, the load voltage is not less than 11 volts is considered normal, below this voltage may

Before the car starts between 11.8V-14.8V normal

The car battery is an important part of the car, its function is to supply electricity to the starter, when the engine starts or low-speed operation, to the engine ignition system and other electrical equipment power supply. When the engine is running at high speed, the generator generates enough electricity, and the car charger automatically gives the car battery to store the excess electricity.


1, start the car each start time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, again start interval time of not less than 10 seconds.

2、If the car battery is depleted and you need to borrow a fire to start it, you should try to drive at a constant speed (such as highway speed) for at least 20-30 minutes immediately to give the car battery a full charge.

3, the car often short-distance driving, driving stop and go, will lead to the car battery in a long-term under-charged state, shorten the service life. Driving at a steady speed on the highway for 20 to 30 minutes can give the car battery sufficient time to recharge. If you want to save gasoline you can recharge your battery through an external charger.

4、In the case of a completely discharged car battery, it is possible that a borrowed fire will not help you start the car either. At this time, you need to use a special car battery charger for slow charging.

5、If the car is left unused for a long time, it should be fully charged first. Also start the car up every other month and run it at medium speed for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, it will be difficult to start if it is left for too long.

6. Know the usage time of the car battery. Use more than 3-4 years, it is recommended to replace it.

7、Check and make sure all lights and other electrical appliances (such as radio and CD) are turned off before leaving the car during daily driving. Because this may deplete your car battery.

Normal voltage of car battery

The following car battery voltages can be considered normal: Newly purchased battery: 12V more Fully charged battery: 14V more Battery left for many days: not much deviation from 12V.

Daily maintenance of car battery

1. Scrub the exterior of the battery with a damp cloth and wipe clean the dust, oil, white powder and other dirt on the panel and pile head (i.e. positive and negative poles) that can easily cause leakage. This often scrub the battery, the battery pile head will not accumulate white acid corrosion powder, its service life will be longer.

2, open the battery water cover to see if the water level is in a normal position. Generally, there will be upper and lower limit lines on the side of the battery for your reference. If you find that the water level is lower than the lower mark, you must add distilled water, if you can't get distilled water at once, filtered tap water is available for emergency. Do not add too much water, the standard is to add to the middle of the upper and lower mark.

3, check whether the battery is charged properly. If you have a triple meter, after starting the engine, measure the voltage of both poles of the battery, must be more than 13V to be considered normal. If you find that the charging voltage is too low, you need to ask a professional to overhaul the charging system.

4、If there is no electric meter, use visual inspection method: after the engine starts, open the battery water cover and see if there are bubbles inside each small cell. The normal condition is constantly bubbles out of the water, and the more oil will bubble more and more. If you find no bubbles, it is likely that the charging system is faulty.