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Lithium-Ion Battery Market Size

Jun. 07, 2022

Lithium-Ion Battery Market Size

The international lithium-ion battery market will grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2018 to 2024, potentially reaching USD 81 billion. This is expected to become a reality by the end of 2024. This will be attributed to energy storage systems and automotive industry. In addition, solar grid storage systems will help accelerate the growth of lithium-ion batteries. As manufacturers grow in the market, prices are falling. Suppliers are working to implement cost-effective ways to produce batteries on a large scale. In addition to finding cost-effective ways to do so, the market is also implementing non-traditional methods such as recycling. In addition, there are more NMC ions on the market every day. Ions starting with equal amounts of manganese, cobalt and nickel are now reduced to 5:2:3. The goal is to increase this to 8:1:1.


Lithium-ion battery market share

The well known lithium cobalt acid battery is the LCO battery, known for its various applications.LCO has been the market share leader throughout 2018. It is used in cell phones, cameras, laptops, and many other products.

Today, NMC batteries are expected to be the market leader. Nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries are the future. nmc is also used in the market in large numbers. They are used in motorcycles, medical devices, automobiles and power tools. These three components are easy to mix and use because all three are easily mixed together. This can be used in all applications, such as energy storage systems in the automotive industry.

Lithium-ion Battery Market Trends

The trend is divided into two parts.

 Lithium-Ion Battery Market Size

1. Energy storage system

2. Asia-Pacific automotive industry dominates the market

Let's discuss these two.


1. Energy Storage System

- Increasing sales of lithium-ion batteries in the global market due to the increase in industry infrastructure and energy storage sector, which can reduce the reliance on grid storage.

- Due to the increase in solar systems installed on rooftops. Lithium-ion batteries are an important component of lithium-ion batteries.

- Huge investments by suppliers in lithium-ion battery production have led to a decrease in battery prices. There has been a continuous effort by suppliers to improve the design and quality of batteries.

2. Asia-Pacific automotive industry dominates the market

- The market leaders in 2018 were China and India due to the increase in electric vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries have seen significant growth in 2018.

- China has been promoting electric vehicles on a non-stop basis. They keep coming up with incentives to help the cause both financially and non-financially.

Recent policies have been supporting energy efficient devices and practices. This has caught the attention of Chinese investors. This will help increase the demand for lithium-ion energy batteries.