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2019 April Indonesia Exhibiton

Apr. 06, 2019

I. exhibition introduction:

Date: April 4-06, 2019

Venue: JIExpo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sessions: 6th session

Organizer: GEM Indonesia or (Subsidiary of GEMISEN Group)

Official designated agent in China: unilever international exhibition

SOLARTECH Indonesia is an annual international B2B trade fair focusing on photovoltaic, solar raw materials and products, photovoltaic, solar cells and photovoltaic systems. The exhibition industry in Indonesia and government's strong support, has become the scale of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) and southeast Asia countries, solar show success, every year local purchaser and energy solution provider for the solar industry to build a perfect platform for the exchange and procurement, from international suppliers on the photovoltaic industry chain provides the opportunity to show their new technology and innovation achievements.

Ii. Scope of exhibits:

Solar energy: solar panels components, solar water heater, solar cooker, solar heating, solar air-conditioning, solar photovoltaic power generation system, inverter, solar battery, solar lamps, solar panels, pv modules, solar lighting systems and products, components and related production equipment, measurement and control system, solar wall and roof components, solar power system control software;Solar drying and desalination systems, solar water heating/cooling systems and solar water pumps, solar thermal engineering, software solutions and service providers for radiation data, solar street billboard lighting systems;Photovoltaic power system engineering, solar heating system engineering and renewable energy products and applications, solar engineering design scheme, solar energy technology in the construction field application.

2019 April Indonesia Exhibiton