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How to charge lithium battery correctly?

Mar. 18, 2022

How to charge lithium battery correctly?

Li Po represents lithium battery. Rechargeable battery with spare capacity group, which is specially used for aircraft, helicopter and UAV. They are the main reason why electric flight is more popular than fuel flight.

Lithium polymer batteries provide high energy storage density to weight ratio. Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries use polymer electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. Electrolytes are usually composed of gelatin polymers.

Lithium battery evolved from lithium ion battery. A typical lithium polymer battery has four parts.





The lithium polymer battery operates in the same way as the lithium ion in the cathode insertion anode, and the gel electrolyte provides conductive medium.

The charging mechanism of lithium polymer battery is basically the same as that of lithium ion battery. Discharge is because lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode, and ions move from the negative electrode to the opposite direction during charging. From the poles to the cathode.

When charging lithium polymer batteries, the correct charger must be used. Then select the number of batteries in the lithium polymer module to be charged and ensure that the maximum charging speed is not exceeded. Therefore, when charging the LiPo battery, the current must be adjusted according to the battery requirements.

The charging cycle of the lithium polymer battery starts with a constant voltage passing through the battery terminal. Then start the charging process, and the current passes through the battery. Lithium batteries cannot be charged with water. Like ordinary lithium-ion batteries, they have no saturation point.

Therefore, in order to correctly charge the lithium polymer battery, the voltage and current must be adjusted. Lithium batteries can also continue to charge during charging, so overcharging will lead to battery explosion. Also, do not use the correct charger to charge the battery. Alternating chargers may cause the battery to overcharge or under charge.

Define lipo ratio calculation

Lipo charging speed is the speed at which the LiPo battery receives voltage and current and converts it into battery stored energy.

The discharge rate is the speed at which the battery discharges safely when it adheres to health. It is defined as the letter "C". The discharge rate of "25C ~ 40C" is written on most battery boxes. This means that 25C is the minimum discharge speed and 40C is the maximum discharge speed. Battery capacity is defined as MAH per hour. The discharge rate of lithium polymer battery and the battery capacity define the maximum current output. It is important to know that the number of batteries is not included in the maximum current consumption.

Generally speaking, let's look at the example of lithium polymer battery.

Look at the lithium polymer battery composed of multiple batteries. It is usually necessary to confirm the content provided by each unit. For example, suppose that each battery provides 3 volts. Therefore, the voltage provided by 4S lipo is about 14.8V.

Another 3s4400mah40c lithium polymer battery pack: 4400mAh x40c = 176000mah discharge rate 175000 / 1000 = 176 ampere discharge rate.

This means that 4400mAh / 40C lipo can only handle the maximum current consumption of 176a. This is why the combination of capacity / discharge rate is very important to select the lipo suitable for the project.

Most lipo sellers will tell you the maximum charging rate of the battery. Always remember that in most cases, the maximum charging rate is 1C. Therefore, the maximum charging speed of 2000mAh lipo is 2000mAh / 1000 = 2A. A suitable lipo charger specially manufactured for this battery must be used.

In addition, to calculate the battery charging time, you can:

Charging time = battery ah / charging current

Therefore, assuming a charging current of 13 amps is applied to the 120 ah battery, the calculation is as follows:

Charging time = 120 / 13

9.23 hours.

Using 13A charging current to charge 120ah battery takes about 9 hours and 12 minutes.


LiPo battery storage analysis

The energy storage mode of LiPo battery is the same as that of lithium-ion battery. Energy is stored on the electrode and transferred from the electrode to other electrodes to power the battery.

Generally speaking, if you want to store it in the battery, you must handle it carefully because it contains very vivid chemicals. (David Asher, northern exposure) therefore, to save these files, you must do the following:

-Please save it in the temperature control location. It may be damaged under extreme temperature. Therefore, keep it at a temperature that is not too hot or too cold.

Lithium polymer batteries are usually easy to catch fire, so keep them in a fire center. Therefore, please give it to the sand with fire extinguishers. This is safer.

-Lithium polymer batteries have a long storage capacity, so be careful not to overcharge or short shoot. It must be stored at a voltage above 30V.

-Please keep lip in your carry on luggage all the time, not in the check-in.

Lithium battery charging technology

In order to keep the battery in good condition, attention must be paid to charging in the correct way.

-Overcharge of lithium polymer battery is a very bad opinion. The danger of explosion is inherent and cannot be made fun of.

-Do not charge the lithium polymer battery for more than 3 days. If not used, it should be discharged after 3 days.

-Don't let the LiPo battery charge. It should be observed whether it can be charged in the best state and then removed.

-Don't separate them for a long time, which will cause complete damage to the battery.

-Charge the battery with the correct current and the correct charger.

-Don't charge the battery often. Frequent charging will generate current and damage the battery

If you have a lithium polymer battery, please pay attention to understand how to charge it correctly and how to store it under the best conditions. In addition, discharging and charging is another problem that needs to know how to detoxify. Because if you want to change them, it will determine the operation of the battery