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The secret maintenance of mobile phone lithium battery

Mar. 26, 2022

The secret maintenance of mobile phone lithium battery

Since lithium batteries entered the market, several myths have been circulating. You've probably heard at least one silly myth about the battery industry: store lithium batteries on concrete, or leave your phone on a charging stake overnight. (David Asher).

Therefore, this article will explore the myth of lithium batteries, which is to lift the veil of lithium batteries and use them safely and reliably. Using the battery correctly and following the instructions closely can greatly extend its lifespan. Well, now to look at these batteries.

How to keep the mobile phone lithium battery healthy?

At some point in your life, you may have searched for how to keep your phone's lithium battery healthy. People are often disappointed with smartphones because of their battery capacity. Whether it's the phone in our pocket or the laptop in our bag, these devices are changing our lives. Our day-to-day tasks depend on them, so it's important that we last at least a full day until we need to recharge them.

So, in order to keep your phone's lithium battery healthy, there are a few tips to consider.

Learn how cell phone batteries degrade. Because it is possible to gain insight into solutions to stay healthy for as long as possible. During each charge cycle, the battery degrades slightly. Therefore, the less the battery is used, the longer it will last.

Avoid extreme high and low temperatures. Because this strains the battery and reduces performance. Keep your phone in the car when it's hot, and don't leave it outside the car when it's cold in winter.

Avoid fast charging unless your phone has this feature. Stress is placed on the battery, so the current through the plug must be limited, charging the phone at a slow rate.

Don't drain your phone's battery to 0%, try not to charge it to 100%. The new phone has no memory effect. So they work in different ways. Try to keep it above 20% and below 90% as often as possible.

Don't use apps that drain your battery faster than other apps. These apps are harmful to the device and battery.

CPU performance is limited and battery life is extended, so it is recommended to use sleep mode as much as possible.

Intelligently customize device settings, including maintaining a dark theme, reducing screen timeouts, and optimizing screen brightness.

With a new smartphone, you can also change how your phone is used by checking the battery status in the device settings.

How long does it take to charge the lithium battery of a mobile phone?

Has anyone ever told you to charge your phone the wrong way before? If not, you should look here. The way your phone charges can explain a lot about the state of the battery. Therefore, there are a few considerations for the battery charging process. May or may not know. ? Um? Don't let your phone's battery go to zero. Even if the lithium battery has no memory effect, it will affect the capacity if it is exhausted with 0. That's why it's best to turn off your phone before it stops working.

? Um? Because it is the stable range of charging, the power remains at 40% ~ 80%. Save the battery between these two ranges and the lifespan will remain ideal. In addition, to prevent the battery from being overstressed, it does not affect the performance of the entire battery.

? Um? When the phone is charging, please don't forget to remove it from the charger. Overcharging can cause problems. Imagine an automatic cutout with a 100% battery charger. However, after the battery is 99% charged, it will start charging again. This affects the battery charge cycle.

Keeping these points in mind when charging your phone can prevent battery degradation and get the most out of your phone.

Do you know the misunderstanding of mobile phone lithium battery maintenance?

As mentioned above, you may have heard some myths about batteries growing up. But as battery technology advances, some myths are no longer true. Therefore, there are several popular myths about lithium batteries. I'll tell you if it's true.

Using a different brand of charger has a negative effect on the battery - wrong.

Using imitations is dangerous, but other brands of chargers with the same specifications can be used.

Don't use your phone while charging - wrong

People say don't use cell phones. Because it can cause an explosion or other accident. However, this can happen when using low quality redundant chargers.

Can't charge overnight.

While not as bad as you might think, it definitely has some impact on longevity. The phone has an automatic blocking function, so it is safe to charge the phone overnight. But for safety, please do not charge your phone more than 80%.

No need to close - error

If you think your phone can run forever without restarting, you are wrong. Sometimes equipment needs a break. Therefore, to maximize battery life, occasional restarts are recommended.

Now that mobile phones are equipped with large-capacity batteries, the worries that plagued users before will no longer matter. Still, it's important to take good care of your equipment. Because it helps keep in touch with the world