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Indonesia Customer Visiting

Apr. 18, 2019

Our customer who from Indonesia visit our factory and our company.

Customers like and approve of our products and services, he now always help us for selling solar street light battery, 48V communication base station BTS battery storage system, also other type.

With the continuous growth of the world population and the needs of social science and technology development, more and more energy is used. In order to protect non-renewable resources, the development and utilization of new energy energy-saving products has become a top priority.In the current battery market, the traditional lead-acid battery is bulky, short life, pollution, etc., while in recent years, the development of lithium battery is very fast, because of the light weight, no pollution, no memory effect and so on the characteristics of long life quickly accepted by people.The lithium battery has the storage lithium battery and the power lithium battery two kinds.Lithium energy storage batteries are widely used.This paper takes the solar street lamp as an example.

At present, most of the solar street lamps on the market use lithium batteries, which can be mounted on the back of the solar panel without digging the foundation for installation.So what are the advantages of lithium batteries for solar street lamps?

Solar street lamp special lithium battery advantage small make up above has said is easy to install, followed by a long service life, because the general battery life in 3-5 years or so, the life of lithium battery is in 8-10 years or so, even if the battery price is a little cheaper, but on the comprehensive use, lithium battery or advantage.

All kinds of solar-powered lighting, landscape, warning lamps or devices, and monitoring facilities can use this power supply.

(2) this product USES high-performance lithium battery as the energy storage unit.The energy density per unit volume is obviously higher than other types of cells, so it has the characteristics of small volume and light weight.

(3) the use of single-chip microcomputer and special software, to achieve the whole process of charging and discharging of intelligent automatic control.

(4) the use of a balanced charge and discharge circuit, so that all the cells in the battery pack can make the best use of everything, but also avoid over charge and over put, prolong the service life.

(5) using advanced PWM technology, so that the efficiency of the control part reaches more than 95%.We can also set up different power discharge modes in different time periods according to customers' requirements.* energy saving is realized to the limit.

Indonesia Customer Visiting

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