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Africa Customer Visiting

Apr. 16, 2019

A lack of energy is holding back manufacturing in Africa, where several industries are largely without adequate electricity. Africa is heavily dependent on imports because of its low production capacity. Due to the price advantage, most of the imported products come from east Asia and South Asia.

Africa's solar industry (microsolar, small-scale home solar, microgrid solar) is growing rapidly as solar installations increase. Africa is struggling with huge economic losses from its dependence on imports. That makes Africa, one of the world's biggest solar markets, especially tough.

Until electricity supplies are substantially improved enough to support manufacturing in African countries, maximizing the potential of solar energy and expanding its use will remain dependent on imports. At present, African countries are calling for streamlining the import process of solar products to facilitate bilateral trade. However, the current framework is different in Kenya, Nigeria, cote d 'ivoire and South Africa.

Genixgreen’s Solar Energy Storage System 3000WH(3KWH); 5000WH(5KWH) can deal the electricity problem.

Africa Customer Visiting