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  • 12V 2A Mini UPS
  • 12V 2A Mini UPS
  • 12V 2A Mini UPS
  • 12V 2A Mini UPS
  • 12V 2A Mini UPS

12V 2A Mini UPS


Model: UPS1606-1220

Battery Type: NCM

Battery Voltage: 11.1V 

Battery Cpacity: 2600mAh

Application: Power backup

Product Description

12V 2A Mini UPS

Mini UPS Specifications
Output Voltage Rating12VDC ± 5%
Input Current Rating2A
Power Rating24W
Adaptor Ripple1%
Transfer Time6ms(ref)
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Pack Voltage11.1V
Battery capacity11.1V 2600MAH(3PCS)
Recharge Time9 hrs to 90%(2600mah)
Discharge Time (Reference)About 3 to 11 hours)
Working termperture-20℃~60℃
CircuitOver-discharge protection
Overcharge and short circuit protection
BatteryReverse connect protection
Input/OutputShort circuit of fuses and overload protection
LED Indication/Switch
Adaptor WorkRed LED Light
UPS WorkGreen LED Light
Battery pack  ChargingBlue LED Trotting Horse Lamp
Battery pack charge CompleteAll Blue LED OFF
Battery Pack DischargingBlue Led Flash
Battery Pack Low PowerBlue Led Quick Flash
0-25% ElectricityLED 1 ON
25-50% ElectricityLED 1 &LED 2 ON
50-75% ElectricityLED 1 &LED 2 & LED 3 ON
75-100% ElectricityLED 1 & LED 2 & LED 3 & LED 4 ON
KeyPress 3-5s :Enter Sleep Mode or Turn on the mini ups
Press 1s: Display battery capacity
Ouput cableLength, 20cm+15cm/15cm; Plug(5.5*2.1mm/5.5*2.5mm/)
Net Weight (g)210g

Feature: Energy saving and power backup